Southeast Steel's main business is steel import and export trade, with over 60 series, over 700 varieties, and nearly 2000 specifications of its main products including wide and thick plates, hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel plates, cold-rolled silicon steel plates, high-speed wire rods, large coil wire rods, and ribbed steel bars. Some of the products just now have passed CARES certification in the UK, BCI certification in Singapore, KS certification in South Korea, SIRIM certification in Malaysia, SRI certification in Sri Lanka, ICONTEC certification in Colombia, INTECO certification in Costa Rica, GOST certification in Russia, BIS certification in India, CE certification in the EU, and JIS certification. The company focuses on the construction and expansion of domestic and overseas market networks based on customer needs. Steel products are mainly sold to China, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile, Türkiye, Australia, Africa, Central and South America, Europe and other regional markets. The global marketing network is becoming mature and perfect.

Based on domestic resources, the company focuses on the global steel resource network, focuses on developing overseas advantageous resources, and vigorously expands trade with third countries.