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Southeast Iron & Steel Group Limited Established in Hong Kong, the company mainly engages in the import and export business of bulk products such as steel, raw materials (ore, coking coal, coke, scrap steel, alloy, alloy ore), and non-ferrous metals. With rapid decision-making response, standardized management and control, and innovative operational models, import and export trade involves over 60 countries and regions, and has established good cooperative relationships with more than 500 business partners. After years of effort, the company has achieved sales revenue of 50 billion yuan, a total import and export volume of over 5 billion US dollars, and a trade volume of over 45 million tons of bulk raw materials such as ore, coal, alloy, and about 2 million tons of steel. As one of the large-scale commodity circulation service integrators, with the joint efforts of the group and all employees, the company's overall strength is constantly strengthening, moving towards global procurement, global sales, and an international value-added service trader with its own characteristics and advantages.

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The company has established good cooperative relationships with mainstream suppliers represented by Rio Tinto, BHP, and Vale, as well as internationally renowned traders such as Noble, PT, Glencore, Hebei Steel, and Baosteel.

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Southeast Steel insists on enhancing its control over resources from a strategic perspective. By implementing long-term agreements, it meets the demand for the total quantity, variety, and quality of our basic trade products. Through pricing models, as well as band procurement and new product development, it reduces procurement costs.
Southeast Steel maintains a long-term and good cooperative relationship with high-quality traders, and develops new products through multiple channels. Actively explore procurement channels for imported recycled steel materials, meet customer trade needs, and reduce costs.



Southeast Steel adheres to business ethics and promises to conduct business with a rigorous attitude and a high sense of social responsibility, and formulates code of conduct to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, suppliers, employees, the public, and other stakeholders. This code of conduct summarizes the main principles and requirements applicable to steel trade and service behavior, providing constraints and guidance for the company's internal and external interactions. At the same time, we also pay attention to whether our partners comply with or possess similar codes of conduct or compliance, and use this as an important basis for selecting business partners.



Southeast Steel conscientiously fulfills its social responsibilities and obligations in the process of business development, establishing and improving a major risk monitoring and reporting mechanism in areas such as safety production, product quality, environmental protection, resource conservation, occupational health, and employee rights protection, and strengthening social responsibility awareness. The company has formulated the "Key Risk Management Measures" and regularly conducts risk assessments of the company. In addition, the company has incorporated ESG risks such as climate change, environmental compliance, and labor management into its existing risk management system to strengthen the management of the company's ESG risks.



In the face of the new international economic situation, Southeast Steel will further cultivate a highly competitive trade oriented industrial chain, adhere to the quality policy of "scientific management, honest service, customer satisfaction, and harmonious win-win", increase the pace of foreign trade, practice the concept of scientific and innovative development, and strive to create a new platform for win-win development for partners.



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The mineral rich regions and high-quality steel production areas around the world are all our cooperation targets or targets.

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